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    Henry Schein Financial Services’ (HSFS) MaxCollect Patient Collections service is a simple, smart way to effectively and efficiently recover your Accounts Receivables.

    Your practice cannot afford to lose profits, patients or time chasing delinquent accounts.  Many practices are seeing a decrease in patients and an increase in delinquent Accounts Receivable.  This decreases your practice’s cash flow and negatively impacts the practice’s fiscal health.

    Practices benefit from new, creative and efficient ways of collecting on owed balances.  Lack of training, time constraints, employee turnover, fear of patient attrition, and inconsistent follow-up are big reasons why practices fail to collect on their delinquent accounts.  The longer a bill goes unpaid, the less chance you have of recovering your money.  Because this is our area of expertise, we are able to be more efficient and effective, while being professional and caring for your patients, so that you can use your staff in more productive ways.  By letting MaxCollect focus on delinquent balances, you and your staff can focus on caring for your patients and increasing profits.

    Why is MaxCollect the better alternative?

    • Our recovery fees are lower than collection agencies, so you can submit a delinquent account to us earlier when it is most recoverable
    • We have an initial soft approach with the ability to intensify the demand, if necessary.  You control the process
    • MaxCollect alerts patients of the consequences of outstanding debt by reminding them of the negative impact of credit bureau reporting and attorney intervention
    • MaxCollect treats all accounts the same regardless of balance size
    • All payments are made directly to the practice

    You owe it to yourself and your practice to increase your profits. 

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