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    High quality, affordable surgical instruments designed especially for veterinary use, exclusively from Henry Schein Animal Health.

    Veterinary Instrumentation provides a full line of surgical instruments designed or selected especially for veterinary use, with special interests in veterinary orthopedics in general and Canine Cruciate Surgery in particular.

    Based in the United Kingdom, Veterinary Instrumentation has a long-standing tradition of supplying quality products to the veterinary community in order to promote cutting edge practice techniques and to deliver better clinical outcomes. Owned and operated since 1986 by a tenured team of veterinarians, technicians & highly skilled manufacturers, Veterinary Instrumentation is excited to bring their reputation of providing the highest quality of products, innovation, and customer service to the United States. 

    Orders from Veterinary Instrumentation have no minimum requirements and are delivered with free standard postage and packaging. All Veterinary Instrumentation branded products come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.


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