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    Advantages of Electronic Controlled Substance Ordering:

    • Reduce costs, increase security and comply with DEA regulations
    • Complete order accuracy – minimize manual form errors
    • Saves Time – reducing patient wait times for medication
    • Order confirmations provided in seconds- Orders received by HSAH and shipped the same day
    • Simplify record keeping- a means to better track CII and CIIN orders

    About the CSOS Program:

    Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS), allows for secure electronic transmission of controlled substance orders without the supporting paper DEA 222 form. CSOS requires that each individual purchaser enroll with DEA to acquire a CSOS Digital Signing Certificate.

     How Does it Work?

    CSOS is the DEA’s response to the public need of ordering which allows customers to efficiently place Controlled Substance CII and CIIN orders electronically. HSAH’s application, Express 222, is a secure system fully compliant with DEA regulations. It is user friendly and meets the needs of the occasional buyer as well as the frequent multiple-order buyer.


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