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    Introducing CHOICE Diagnostics from Henry Schein Animal Health.

    CHOICE dog

    You know that what works for one patient, might not work for another. Each day your practice treats animals that vary in different species, breeds, ages, genders and more. Just as no two patients are alike, no two veterinary practices are alike. Location, patients, treatment preferences, and budgets all play an important role in what kind of diagnostics a veterinarian wants to use in his or her practice.

    At Henry Schein Animal Health, we understand this and have expanded our offerings of diagnostic equipment, supplies and software.

    A wide selection of diagnostics that fit your unique practice's needs.

    With the CHOICE program, you have options in choosing the diagnostic equipment and rapid assay lines that best fit your practice’s needs and preferences.

    Lower equipment costs, lower consumable costs and no maintenance fees are among the many benefits of our newest offerings.

    Henry Schein Animal Health provides you with the ongoing support you rely on and a single point-of-contact.

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